Devastating Side Effects That Could Be Caused By IVC Filters

Sometimes, there’s simply no easy way to say it: IVC filters may cause an array of very serious and potentially lethal side effects, an array so severe and, frankly, so unexpected, they seem more fit for a science fiction book than the real world.

Nonetheless, here we have it: IVC filters can migrate within a patient’s body, re-appearing in completely new areas, or they can move and become embedded in a patient’s body, making it nearly impossible to remove the device. All of these dangerous complications have one thing in common: They can lead to serious health risks, including death.

Here’s a breakdown of the different associated problems we are seeing with IVC filters. We’ve tried to translate it for you to help you see how IVC filters, while they may be more fit for a sci-fi book, are very much real-world problems, one that all patients must be aware of, both before and post IVC filter implantation.

Serious associated complications from IVC Filters include:


Definition: When the IVC filter ruptures in a body part, causing it to penetrate through adjacent organs and vessels.

Translation: When the IVC filter sticks out of its spot, causing harm to nearby areas. Perforation also makes it very difficult to remove the IVC filter, even when it is causing harm.


Definition:  The IVC Filter moves from one body part of the body to another.

Translation: When the IVC filter moves from its intended location, showing up in completely new areas from where it was placed. This may occur when the device breaks apart, unintentionally, thus allowing it to more easily travel to another area of the body. This may make it almost impossible to be removed, even if medically necessary, and may lead to fracture, loss of efficiency and even perforation (See above). This may be the most common associated complication —and also one of the most serious.

Device Fracture

Definition: Also known as embolism or device embolization, device fracture occurs when components of the IVC filter unintentionally detach, allowing the strut to move to a new location from where it was originally placed.

Translation: Components of the device break apart, traveling to areas like the spine, bone, heart, liver, kidneys or lungs. Also potentially very serious.


Respiratory problems, chest pain and/or puncture of the vena cava.

If you or someone you know suffered from any of the above complications, this is not a drill! You may be able to file a lawsuit to hold the IVC manufacturer responsible for your suffering. One day, complications as severe as these will stay where they belong: In the world of “make believe.” Until then, an IVC lawsuit is a powerful tool you have to stand up against this dangerous medical device and the manufacturers that put the devices in the marketplace . To learn more, call an IVC lawyer at 866-731-7909 or contact us onlinecomplete our contact form.

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