Three Nursing Homes in Pennsylvania May Be Especially Risky

February 29, 2016  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

Is your elderly loved one in a nursing home in Pennsylvania? If so, you need to know about three nursing homes that may be especially high-risk.

The nursing homes are Golden Living Centers in Harrisburg, Riverside Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Taylor and Whitestone Care Center in Stroudsburg.

Unfortunately, all three of these nursing homes are under scrutiny according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) survey — an important nationwide survey that you need to know about before admitting your elderly loved one to a nursing home. Knowing whether or not a nursing home has been noted by the CMS survey helps you understand just how safe a nursing home is — or is not.

The CMS survey is called the Special Focus Facility (SFF) list. It’s aim is to look at nursing homes throughout the country that rely in part on money from Medicare and Medicaid and make sure that they meet quality standards set by CMS. It’s been shown that poor quality nursing home standards may not only cause more injuries and suffering to residents but also may cost more to Medicare, Medicaid, taxpayers and individual families. Part of the SFF’s intention is to be less reactive and more proactive in terms of recognizing serious problems in nursing homes before they become completely disastrous.

CMS’s SFF survey is dedicated to identifying nursing homes that have more than their fair share of deficiencies. On average, these troublesome nursing homes have around twice as many deficiencies as your average nursing home, and more serious deficiencies, too, that may result in harm to residents. Time is also a factor, as the survey tries to take into account the three years before the investigation’s date. That’s because a truly accurate test of a nursing home’s safety and level of care demands an understanding of how it functions, changes and adapts over time.

There are three main terms — and investigations — that you need to know about. “Table A,” “Table B” and “Table C.” Nursing homes that may have serious deficiencies are added to the SFF list and cited with one of these terms after their initial testing.

First comes the testing. And then:

“Table A” is all about newbies to the SFF list. If a nursing home you are looking at is currently listed as a “Table A” nursing home, that means that they were added to the nursing homes “watch list” but have not yet had  subsequent testing to determine whether they can remedy their deficiencies.

“Table B” is Not Improved. Nursing homes in this category are nursing homes that underwent  the first testing, were put on the SFF Watch list and then, after a subsequent testing, showed that they were unable to remedy their deficiencies. These nursing homes will be tested again and if they prove that they are still not able to fix their deficiencies than they may be terminated from Medicare and Medicaid.

“Table C” is Improving. Nursing homes in this category are nursing homes that had their first testing, were put on the SFF  Watch list and then, after a subsequent testing, showed that they were able to remedy their deficiencies. Hopefully, these nursing homes can continue their improvements and, upon additional testing, will be able to “Graduate” from the SFF list.

It’s important to understand that the CMS survey may still carry some flaws. That’s why it’s always advisable to visit the nursing home you are considering — and, upon admission, to keep on visiting and performing regular phone calls to check in with your elderly loved one.

In addition, you may also look at state surveys — using both state surveys and the CMS survey to try to determine just how safe a nursing home you are considering is may be especially advisable.

If you believe that your elderly loved one was hurt or abused in a nursing home, we encourage you to call a Pennsylvania nursing home abuse lawyer at 866-612-0246 or contact us online for a free consult.

You may have a potential nursing home abuse lawsuit that can even help you protect other elderly residents at the potentially dangerous nursing home and help make things right again. Contact us to learn more.

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