Connecticut pharmacist settles charges of health care fraud

A Cliffwood, New Jersey pharmacist has pleaded guilty to one count of health care fraud and has settled allegations involving violations of the federal False Claims Act.
The government had alleged that Toby George, co-owner of Byram Pharmacy in Greenwich, Connecticut, intentionally submitted false claims for payment to both Medicare and Medicaid. The government charged that George submitted claims to Medicaid for prescription drugs that had not been dispensed; that he submitted claims for payment for brand-name drugs when he had actually dispensed less expensive generic equivalents; and that George had submitted claims to Medicare for reimbursement of the cost of prescription narcotics that he dispensed to someone who paid cash for an excess quantity of the drug. Under the False Claims Act, George will have to pay triple the amount of the government’s actual damages.

For the full story, go to American Chronicle.

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