Columnist says China should be held accountable for toxic drywall and other defective Chinese products

November 18, 2009  |  Other, Chinese Drywall, Press Releases

In her October 22 column, Newport News-based Daily Press columnist Tamara Dietrich called for China to take responsibility for the Chinese drywall crisis and other damage caused by defective Chinese products sold to U.S. consumers. Noting that in recent years Chinese products such as toys with dangerous lead levels, poisoned toothpaste, and contaminated pet food have wreaked havoc in the U.S., she urges the Beijing government to take responsibility: “the yuan stops there,” she says.

Dietrich blames lax Chinese regulations and lack of oversight for these product safety issues, because Chinese manufacturers know that they will not be held to the same safety standards as U.S. manufacturers.

The U.S. government is currently looking into ways to provide relief to homeowners with defective Chinese drywall. Meanwhile, “red tape” makes it difficult to sue foreign manufacturers. Because of this problem, three U.S. senators have introduced the Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act.

To read the column, go to the Daily Press.

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