Baron and Budd Achieves $4.375 Million Settlement for Consumers and Stylists Exposed to Brazilian Blowout

Judge Approves Settlement in Lawsuit Against Popular Hair Straightening Product

LOS ANGELES –(December 17, 2013) –Today, the Honorable Elihu Berle of the Los Angeles Superior Court gave final approval of a $4.375 million class action settlement regarding the deceptive advertising of the popular hair straightening solution Brazilian Blowout. Fourteen class representatives sued the manufacturer and distributor of the product, GIB, LLC, in both state and federal court, alleging that the product was misrepresented as being free of the carcinogen formaldehyde. Baron and Budd shareholder Laura Baughman, along with Elizabeth Pritzker of Pritzker Law, were appointed lead class counsel in the case, where they represented a national class of consumers and hair stylists who were exposed to the product.

Aside from the monetary award of $4.375 million in the settlement, Brazilian Blowout’s manufacturer GIB, LLC agreed to change its deceptive advertising practices, which will help prevent other consumers from being misled by the product. Specifically, GIB is now required to clearly label the chemical content of its straightening products as well as provide appropriate warnings to both stylists and consumers about the potential health risks of the product.

“Formaldehyde exposure can be toxic, especially for people who are exposed to it frequently,” said Laura Baughman, shareholder at Baron and Budd. “This settlement sends a clear message that these types of practices are not okay, even in the beauty industry, and that we need to put consumers’ health first.”

While this monetary settlement may seem small for a class action, the amount represents roughly 73 percent of the net profits that Brazilian Blowout earned from the sale of the product during the class period. The settlement will fund claims by consumers and hair stylists for partial reimbursement of Brazilian Blowout solution and treatments, as well as reimbursement for medical expenses for short-term, transient injuries.

Brazilian Blowout is a popular, and expensive, hair salon treatment that many woman use to smooth unruly hair and achieve a highly fashionable look. Many celebrities have used and endorsed the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Though the product is marketed as “formaldehyde-free,” the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a Hazard Alert for the product in April 2011 based on the product’s formaldehyde content. Testing by Oregon OSHA found that the Brazilian Blowout solution had an average of eight percent formaldehyde in it.

Baron and Budd has been at the forefront of numerous consumer protection cases. Most recently, the firm helped negotiate a proposed settlement on behalf of consumers who purchased the product Muscle Milk.

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