Blessings to You

December 23, 2013  |  Mesothelioma
Blessings for the Holdiays

There’s nothing like the holiday season to help us put things into perspective. From the stockings and gifts under the tree to the Menorah that graces other tables, the holiday season has a whole lot to do with tradition. It’s those little things that we remember our parents doing that we most love to teach our kids. It’s comfortable. It’s familiar. And even better: it allows us to relax, to loosen up a little bit. We don’t even have to think about it. Instead, the temperatures drop and we instantly remember our favorite hot chocolate recipe tucked somewhere in the back of our head. We remember how to sit inside all day next to the glowing fireplace. We remember, even though we won’t readily admit, the names Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen.

There is someone to be said about tradition. But it doesn’t just have to happen over the holidays. Instead, it can happen year-round, in all sorts of ways. Right now we are thinking of our clients who kick butt on a daily basis helping to take care of their loved one suffering from mesothelioma. You inject both tradition and routine into the simple things of life, such that it doesn’t just make the life of someone suffering from mesothelioma easier or more manageable. No, instead, the tradition that comes with caretaking – even though it is difficult and taxing at times – is an outpouring of love.

This holiday season we’d like to take some much-deserved time here to pay tribute to all of you. From taking loved ones to and from doctor’s appointments, to making sure the fridge is filled, you use daily actions to make sure your loved ones know they are appreciated. And that’s what matters — because, the truth is, they could not fight mesothelioma any other way. And they wouldn’t want to.

Blessings to each and every one of you.

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