When work crews showed up Monday to start removing the Chinese drywall from Eleanor Aguilar’s three-story Lauderhill townhouse, she insisted on swinging the first sledgehammer.

“I put a huge hole in the wall,” gushed Aguilar, thrilled that her 2 1/2-year ordeal is nearly over. “It felt phenomenal. There were a lot of tears.”

Her home is the first of an estimated 300 to be repaired in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana as part of a pilot program announced last year by Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, one of the largest makers of Chinese drywall.

About 30 of the homes scheduled for repairs are in Broward and Palm Beach counties. More are expected to be added shortly as the program expands.

Workers will tear the interior of the homes down to the slats. They will remove and replace all building materials affected by the tainted drywall, such as insulation and electric wiring. It’ll take about three months to repair each home.

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