Baron and Budd Files Deceptive Advertising Lawsuit Against AVON

LOS ANGELES –(October 23, 2012) –Today, the national law firm of Baron and Budd filed a class action lawsuit against beauty company AVON for misrepresenting certain “anti-aging” products to consumers. The lawsuit addresses the advertising surrounding AVON’s Anew line of products, including Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector, Anew Reversalist Night Renewal Cream, Anew Reversalist Renewal Serum and Anew Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream products. Attorneys Roland Tellis and Mark Pifko represent the plaintiffs in the case. This is believed to be the first lawsuit filed against AVON regarding the deceptive advertising of these products.

Earlier this month, the FDA issued a warning to AVON, stating that these anti-aging products have been misrepresented to consumers. In the warning, the FDA demanded that AVON tone down the claims made about the products. The language in question suggests that AVON’s anti-aging products can change the structure or function of the body, which would classify the products as drugs under FDA regulations. According to the FDA’s warning, AVON’s anti-aging products “are not generally recognized among qualified experts as safe and effective” for the advertised uses. For a company to sell drugs, they would need FDA approval, which would require detailed testing and could take years.

“While many beauty companies tend to make seemingly outlandish promises about their products, AVON has crossed the line,” said attorney Mark Pifko. “AVON used aggressive, predatory marketing techniques specifically designed to mislead consumers into believing that the AVON anti-aging products offered ‘at-home answers’ to ‘procedures found in a dermatologist’s office,’ and were capable of turning back the time. That’s simply not the case.”

In the advertising materials associated with AVON’s anti-aging line, the company promises superior results when compared to other, similar products. As explained in the complaint, AVON utilizes these false claims to charge consumers more money for their products, thus potentially cheating consumers out of thousands of dollars. In fact, just last year the beauty industry recorded almost $3 billion in profits for anti-wrinkle products.

If you have purchased any of these AVON anti-aging products, we want to talk to you. Please contact as at 1.800.222.2766 or email for more information.

Protecting What’s Right for consumers for nearly 35 years, Baron and Budd is proud to spearhead meaningful litigation for consumers who have been harmed or deceived by large corporations. The firm has recently taken the lead in a number of deceptive advertising cases, including currently pending lawsuits concerning Ensure, Muscle Milk and Alexia Foods. The firm also has a leadership role in a number of other consumer class actions, including the recent $410 million settlement with Bank of America over manipulative bank overdraft fees and the $110 million settlement with JP MorganChase.

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