The Antibiotic Avelox May Cause Permanent and Severe Nerve Damage in Some Patients

A broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat different types of bacterial infections may cause the nerve damage known as peripheral neuropathy in some patients and, unfortunately, this nerve damage may be permanent or very long lasting. The antibiotic is named Avelox.

If you took an antibiotic and subsequently experienced symptoms like burning or tingling in the arms and legs, loss of sensation to temperature or touch or pain or shooting sensations in your limbs, you may have suffered from peripheral neuropathy caused by Avelox.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for peripheral neuropathy and the symptoms may persist for months, years or even be a life-long disturbance.

What’s worse, far too many patients have suffered in the dark from peripheral neuropathy caused by Avelox. These patients talked to their doctors when the symptoms started to appear and yet their doctors were not properly warned of the risk of permanent peripheral neuropathy that comes with Avelox because the manufacturer of Avelox did not sufficiently warn both patients and doctors.

That meant that when patients said they felt these devastating symptoms long after they had stopped taking the drug, their doctors could not see that these symptoms were real or related to Avelox.

And that’s not right: doctors and patients should have been better informed of the risks. If they were, then countless patients would have had their symptoms recognized, understood and treated.

Today, we are starting to learn of the full scope of just how dangerous Avelox can be to some patients. However — despite the severe risk of permanent peripheral neuropathy, there has not been an Avelox recall. Meaning, countless other patients may suffer unnecessarily in the future from this antibiotic.

That’s right, this problem is not going away on its own.

That is why we encourage you: If you or someone you know suffered from the nerve damage known as peripheral neuropathy after taking Avelox, you may be able to file an Avelox lawsuit with the Avelox lawyers at Baron and Budd.

Please call one of our Avelox lawsuit lawyers at 866-520-2755 or contact us here to find out more about the Avelox lawsuit and what your options are.

We can do this. All it takes is for everyone who has suffered from peripheral neuropathy from Avelox to speak up. This time, you will be heard.

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