Oilfield Layoffs Report in Dallas Morning News Features Baron and Budd Attorney Allen Vaught

Vaught and his Employment Lawyer Team Are Fighting Back Against Oilfield Layoffs pursuant to the WARN Act

DALLAS (Feb. 25, 2015) – Attorney Allen Vaught of the national law firm of Baron and Budd was featured in a February 18, 2015 Dallas Morning News article detailing the toll that mass layoffs are taking on oilfield workers and how some workers are fighting back with Baron and Budd’s help.

In many instances, these workers are being let go without being given the written advance notice generally required by the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. Passed into law in 1989, the WARN Act is designed to protect workers who have been laid off by giving them a period of time to either obtain training for a new career or to find a new job. The WARN Act requires companies that employ 100 or more workers to provide a 60-day notice in the event mass layoffs or plant closings occur.

The article highlighted a case involving plaintiffs who are being represented by Baron and Budd. Former employees are suing energy company Patterson-UTI, which recently laid off approximately many oilfield workers. The plaintiffs claim they were let go in violation of the WARN Act.

According to the article, one person who worked for another energy company posted online that he was told he was out of a job and had only 30 minutes to leave the premises – this was during a company birthday party for a co-worker.

“There are far too many glaring examples of companies throughout the energy industry that are ruining people’s lives by laying them off without providing them with the 60 days’ advance written notice required by the WARN Act,” said Vaught, who heads the Employment Law Section of Baron and Budd. “We are working extremely hard to help these workers enforce their federal rights and obtain the back wages and other damages we believe they are due.”

If you work in the energy industry and believe you have been laid off or terminated without 60 days’ advance written notice, you may be able to pursue compensation. Call the law firm of Baron and Budd at 866-262-1553 or contact us online and we can let you know if you may qualify to take legal action under the WARN Act.

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