Studies Link Abilify to Compulsive Gambling

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You already know that compulsive gambling can destroy lives, sending people to financial ruin and potentially costing jobs and much more. What you may not know, however, is that use of a popular antipsychotic drug, Abilify, has been linked to an increased risk of developing this often-destructive habit. Please contact the pharmaceuticals attorney with Baron & Budd if you or a loved one took Abilify and later suffered substantial gambling losses.

The Studies

Several different studies in recent years have shown an association between Abilify and compulsive gambling. For example, in 2011 the British Journal of Psychiatrypublished a study that examined three patients who used Abilify and exhibited the disorder. According to the study, all the patients stopped gambling after they stopped using the drug.

Two studies released in 2014 also showed a link between gambling and Abilify use. The medical journal JAMA Internal Medicinepublished a study that analyzed the records of 1,580 patients who had reported adverse drug effects involving compulsive gambling and other impulse behavior issues. The researchers conducting the study reported that they found a “significant” link between use of the medication and gambling.

Researchers conducting a study published in the medical journal Addictive Behaviors looked at eight people who were being treated for compulsive gambling. A direct link between Abilify and the disorder was present in seven of the patients, the researchers said. However, the researchers reported those patients could once again control their impulse to gamble after they were taken off of Abilify.

Taking Action

You may be able to pursue compensation if you took Abilify and suffered losses related to compulsive gambling. The Abilify warning label contains no mention of a potentially increased risk for this disorder, and you could possibly file an Abilify lawsuit as a result. If you would like to learn more about your potential legal options, call Baron & Budd at 866-520-2755 or complete our contact form.

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