Dallas-based Baron & Budd, P.C. has long been a leader in the field of environmental protection litigation, and its Environmental Litigation Group is among the largest in the nation. Currently, the firm represents over 200 municipalities, water providers and private well owners in MTBE groundwater contamination litigation; as well as other clients in water pollution cases involving TCP, atrazine and TCE.

The Baron & Budd Environmental Litigation Group consists of ten dedicated attorneys, headed by shareholder Scott Summy, who is one of the most experienced “water lawyers” in the country. For over thirteen years, Summy has challenged America’s oil industry in water contamination cases, successfully filing and litigating the first MTBE case in 1995 and currently serving as co-lead counsel in the nation’s largest MTBE case.

The Environmental Litigation Group also includes the following shareholders:

  • Cary McDougal, a 20-year litigation veteran who has served as lead attorney in over 75 jury trials in state and federal courts;
  • Laura Baughman, an experienced attorney and hydrology and environmental engineer whose work has brought about precedent-setting settlements used to fund water protection and remediation projects in California;
  • Carla Burke, an effective appellate and legal issues attorney who has achieved significant successes before the federal court hearing the MTBE Multi-District Litigation (MDL);
  • Celeste Evangelisti, Scott Summy’s partner in prosecution who shares with him a California Lawyer “Attorneys of the Year” award (Daily Journal, 2001) for their victory over major oil companies in a water contamination case;
  • Stephen Johnston, a seasoned litigator who assists in key depositions and interfaces with many of our clients in responding to discovery.

Working intimately with these attorneys and the other members of the team is water litigation paralegal Erin McIntosh, a litigation veteran who provides support in the handling of water quality data and assists the attorneys in the group with all aspects of discovery and trial. Erin has worked side-by-side with Scott Summy since Day One of MTBE litigation. She was involved in the litigation and trial of the first MTBE case in Wilmington, NC.