MTBE Settlement Press Kit

The recently announced MTBE multi-district litigation settlement represents the culmination of 13 years of comprehensive legal actions and scientific discovery on the part of co-lead counsel Scott Summy and the Baron & Budd water contamination team. This “press kit” attempts to explain and illustrate the many complexities of the case — from the effect of MTBE contamination on groundwater to the history of the litigation. The graphics, photos, and video elements are available for use in several formats.


Video: Q&A with Scott Summy


Photo: Drinking Fountain
Drinking FountainDownload
Photo: Drinking Fountain 2
Drinking Fountain 2Download
Photo: Gas Stations 1
Gas Stations 1Download
Photo: Gas Station 2
Gas Station 2Download
Photo: Pumping Gas
Pumping GasDownload
Photo: Pumping Gas 2
Pumping Gas 2Download
Photo: Russell Budd Full
Russell Budd FullDownload
Photo: Scott Summy Full
Scott Summy FullDownload
Photo: Russell Budd Still
Russell Budd StillDownload
Photo: Scott Summy Office
Scott Summy OfficeDownload
Photo: Scott Summy Office 2
Scott Summy OfficeDownload
Photo: Scott Summy Still
Scott Summy StillDownload

Photo: Russell Budd Headshot
Russell Budd HeadshotDownload

Photo: Scott Summy Headshot
Scott Summy HeadshotDownload