California Prop 65

Also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, California Prop 65 is an important California State Proposition that is intended to protect Californians from dangerous chemicals known to cause cancer, reproductive harm or birth defects. The proposition’s intention is to accomplish this protection by providing clear product warnings when appropriate, as in accordance with the proposition. While the proposition is focused on California, it impacts other states as well because manufacturers, complying with California regulations, tend to provide the same labeling on goods delivered to other states.

The list of chemicals included on the “warning list,” is large — about 800 different chemicals known to cause either cancer, reproductive toxicity or both.

However, despite how hard the State of California has worked to protect its citizens, and despite how much the citizens themselves have fought to support tough laws to reduce toxic exposures, there are still some negligent companies who have chosen to not play by these state regulations. By failing to heed to Prop 65, these companies could be endangering the health of not just people in California, but also individuals throughout the country.

Diesel Exhaust

One such company is the school bus provider Laidlaw Transit, a company that had been negligent in repairing school buses that were emitting excess toxic diesel exhaust. But not anymore: Thanks to our settlement with Laidlaw Transit in 2008, Laidlaw Transit’s once potentially dangerous buses were retrofitted to meet stringent air pollution standards, helping to keep all of our children safe.

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