Protecting Our Environment: Contamination & Pollution Lawyers

The essentials of life – our water supply, the air we breathe, the soil in which we grow our food – these are so fundamental to our existence, one wonders how safeguarding them could even come into question. But the battle to protect our environment is among the most important ones we fight. Contaminated water, exposure to toxic substances, and food contamination are all preventable. If you were injured or harmed because of exposure to toxic substances or carcinogens, let us help you get compensation for your suffering and medical bills.

Leading Asbestos Litigation Since 1970

Baron & Budd’s history of safeguarding the environment began with our visionary decision, back in the 1970s, to represent victims of asbestos exposure, helping men and women who developed mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases to receive compensation for their life-changing illnesses. Since then our environmental lawyers have advocated for victims of environmental contamination due to negligence.

Our commitment to safeguarding the environment has continued over the decades with many notable and iconic successes, particularly in the realms of asbestos litigation and water contamination.

Personal Injury Litigation: TCE Water Contamination

Take, for example, our 21-year legal battle over Arizona groundwater contaminated with trichlorethylene (TCE). This nationally recognized case helped define Arizona laws regarding pollution and is widely considered one of the most important pieces of litigation involving personal injuries caused by water contamination. Our personal injury attorneys continue representing clients suffering from water contamination and pollution.

MTBE Water Contamination Settlement

Then there’s our 2008 representation of 153 public water providers, resulting in a $422-million settlement over drinking water contamination caused by the gasoline additive Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE).

BP Gulf Oil Spill Litigation

More recently, our work representing both individuals and businesses harmed by the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill has given thousands who were adversely affected, hope for justice.

And our firm’s vital environmental mission goes on.

PCBs in Schools

For instance, Baron & Budd is one of the first law firms in the nation to tackle a problem that currently plagues our schools: the presence of Polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs.

As long as our environment is threatened, we will be doing our part to protect it.