Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Kapidex work by reducing stomach acid. Kapidex has been manufactured since 2009 by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Because of some confusion and dosing errors, the name of the drug was changed from Kapidex to Dexilant in 2010. Kapidex is also available as a generic called dexlansoprazole. As these drugs have grown more popular for treating severe cases of gastric distress, there have been more studies conducted with sobering findings. If you have suffered serious side effects like kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, or kidney transplant surgery after taking Kapidex, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. A Kapidex lawyer can discuss your situation and help determine the best course of action to take.

Kapidex: Complications and Side Effects

A recent study indicated that prolonged use of PPI drugs like Kapidex puts users at risk for serious complications like chronic kidney disease, kidney failure requiring a transplant, acute interstitial nephritis, and even death. Since that time, there have been numerous Kapidex lawsuits filed because victims are suffering broken ribs, ankles, hips and more. Any patient or family member of someone who has died or suffered serious kidney complications like kidney failure, CKD, or AIN caused by their use of Kapidex may be entitled to compensation. To file a Kapidex lawsuit, contact an attorney to find out what your rights are and how you should proceed.

Additional Problems: Kapidex and Kidney Failure

Serious kidney problems including kidney failure have been reported with long-term use of Kapidex or dexlansoprazole. It is widely believed that kidney disease is caused by dramatic fluctuations in magnesium levels associated with long-term use of PPIs.  Kidney stones as a result of PPIs may become a recurring problem for some patients.  Kidney failure is always serious and can lead to the need for dialysis and in some cases the need for a kidney transplant to avoid death. If you are on a transplant list or have been diagnosed with acute interstitial nephritis after prolonged use of this drug, call an experienced Kapidex kidney failure lawyer right away. You may be entitled to compensation.

Studies Find Problems with Long-Term Use

PPIs have become big business, with pharmaceutical manufacturing companies making billions of dollars between prescription and over-the-counter acid reflux remedies. Kapidex is available by prescription only and in some cases, patients have been taking this PPI for several years. Long-term use of PPIs including dexlansoprazole have been linked to serious health issues including:

  • Tetany (muscle spasms) – associated with low magnesium levels and links to long-term Kapidex use
  • Seizures – another potential serious complication of low magnesium victims often suffer serious seizures that could lead to death
  • Liver damage and failure – early signs of damage including jaundice should be reported to a health care practitioner immediately if you are on long-term Kapidex
  • Dementia – some studies indicate patients prescribed PPIs on a long-term basis are at a significantly high risk of developing dementia

There are other, very serious side effects associated with PPI intake over a long period of time. Patients should consult with their physician for a comprehensive review of potential problems. Never stop taking your medication without consulting with your doctor first; your gastric distress could return abruptly and aggressively.

Contact a Kapidex Lawsuit Attorney Today

Victims suffering from health complications are under serious stress, and are quite often confused about the link between their problems and PPIs. Our Kapidex lawyers are here to answer your questions and help determine whether or not you have a valid Kapidex lawsuit claim. There are time limitations on filing a lawsuit, so the sooner you call us for help the better.

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