Home ownership may be key to the American dream, but mortgage loans and the paperwork that comes with them can be a nightmare.

Since mortgages are so complex, the ways in which homeowners can be put in jeopardy are equally complex. Unfortunately, some banks and mortgage providers have used this element of confusion to cheat mortgage holders.

At Baron & Budd we represent mortgage holders in several class action lawsuits, all involving deceptive and fraudulent lending practices. One such practice involves force-placed insurance. Another involves inflated fees for loan servicing — fees that not only violate the lender’s own policies, but also are added to the mortgage holder’s statements in such a way that they are virtually impossible to understand. An even more unbelievable alleged mortgage fraud issue involves possible manipulation of the LIBOR index, a manipulation that may have had sweeping repercussions.

For something so important and complex as owning a home, there are, unfortunately, countless ways in which a homeowner can be taken advantage of. That’s why we are fighting hard for what’s right for homeowners. We want to make sure that your dream stays alive.

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